May 07 2020

Elemental Awareness – Daniel Duron

Danny is here again! And today we talk about the importance of connecting with Mother Earth in these crazy times.

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May 03 2020

Cosmic Narratives – Daniel Duron

New episode! What better way to reboot the podcast with a conversation with the good homie Daniel Duron. He has some very important news about our planet and beyond! Have a look and a listen.

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Jan 12 2019

Hypnosis – Jamie Goh

Jamie came over and we talked about hypnosis, what it is, and how it could be used.

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Dec 13 2018

Blimps – Tobin Yelland

Hung out with Tobin Yelland today. We talked about shooting stills on movie sets and other stuff.

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May 29 2018

Shifts – Lucio Reis

Lucio works with Dakila Research group and is the one who introduced Danny to them and what they are working on in Brazil. We have had Lucio on other podcasts before but had some technical problems. Today Danny and Lucio talk about what is about to happen when the shift occurs.

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May 23 2018

Waves – Felipe Branco

Danny hit me up this morning and said, “Let’s get on a call today with Felipe”. I said, “Ok perfect, I just started a new Youtube channel.” Felipe is based in Brazil and part of the Dakila Research group. We had him on some earlier podcasts and recordings, but those didn’t come out so good because of technical difficulties. Anyways, he has a lot to say about a lot of topics. There is a lot of info here that may “challenge” some belief systems, but I think it is fun to explore new ideas and get different perspectives.

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