Dec 26 2017


I don’t care what any one says, this is not a regular rocket launch. Sorry not sorry. There may be some photos of rockets that look like this, but there are for sure photos from as early as the 1930’s of ufos that look like this. Also, what is the thing that is trailing that first object? That is not the bottom part of the rocket separating and that is not rocket “debris”. If it is a regular rocket launch, where is the footage of all the other rocket launches? There are like 600 or more satellites in our orbit. Cell phone companies, military etc. We have all seen rocket launches. They don’t look like this. I actually think if it is a rocket launch, then that second object is a ufo taking it out. This wouldn’t be the first time the ets denied our efforts to launch something into space.

Dec 26 2017


I went and got a gym membership. They are very aggressive trying to get you to purchase hours with a personal trainer. “Man, you are really letting yourself down if you don’t spend $800 on 5 sessions with me. There is no way you can get in shape on your own. I only have 1 spot left. Don’t be one of those people who don’t know what they are doing.” It was like 45 minutes of this because they do offer a free consultation where they weigh you and get your body mass index measurements etc. “I already said it 50 times, I can’t afford it. Let me hop on your computer and I will show you my bank balance.” And then he got all super sad and salty! WTF?! What a dummy. This is a photo of 5 lbs of fat. According to his machines, I have 25 % body fat which is approx 45 lbs!

This is my Alix. I shot some photos of her wearing Hamburger Eyes stuff. And then her mouth was bleeding. She lost a ton of weight since I seen her. She works out a lot. An inspiration.

This is behind her house.

People are hating on the Last Jedi. I liked it. But I get it, there were lots of scenes that seemed way too long and unnecessary and for little kids. But overall, I liked it.

Nov 27 2017


Sarah met me at the beach.

Then I went to meet Danny at Monkey’s hotel room to record an intro to new podcast episode.

Monkey was all, “I saw this band in Spain we have to go see them play tonight,” and then he showed me a photo. It’s the girl from my Starbucks! She is always inviting me to her and her husband’s band’s shows and I never go. So we went.

Turns out they are really good. The Schizophonics.

Henny met us there.

Nov 19 2017


Gene found this dead at the bottom of his pool. They framed it.

Ironman was my favorite. He didn’t have powers, he was just smart. But in the new movies they made him annoying kinda.