Jan 12 2021


I’ve mentioned it before. Reality is made up of over a trillion bits of information. We as humans can only perceive around 2 million bits at a time, which means each individual’s personal reality is much different than the next.

So, quite literally, a shift in our perception creates a shift in our reality.

This is our birthright. The freedom to choose which ever reality we want. Let’s follow gratitude in our choices. Let’s follow what lights us up. Let’s let go of the rope.

Jan 09 2021


Piggy backing the last post. There are many many people places and things holding us back, keeping us down, and into the dark. Yet there are just as many people places and things pushing us forward, holding us up, and into the light.

Honor them, nurture them. Seek to increase the people places and things that multiply and expand and deliver more light into your life.

Jan 04 2021


What is the purpose of all this self observation and self analysis? What is the purpose of any analysis? It’s to get better, do better, and be better than the day before. That’s all.

I think when we are busy sorting out baggage and entanglements we forget it is for the purpose of getting lighter. And brighter. Shine on.

Jan 03 2021


I don’t think we can use our brains for hopping timelines. This is a task for the heart. I mean, we do have to use our imagination, but we are not using that to-do list part of the brain.

We feel how we want to feel, the heart then emits a frequency that magnetizes a future timeline. We import the new future behaviors and actions which instantly transform the present timeline. So we didn’t really time travel or hop timelines, we merged a future one into this one. This shows how time is malleable or manipulated.

Obviously, we can’t predict the future. In certain areas though, we can use our imagination and come up with probable timelines for what will happen if this then that. This is regular timeline analysis that we all do, but we forget to check in with our hearts, like what exactly are we feeling compared to how exactly we want to feel.

A major part of this new chapter is thinking less and feeling more. This post is inspired by a quote I saw on IG, “Replace all your lists with things to do with lists of how you want to feel.” – Maryam Hasnaa

Jan 02 2021


Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Lettuce who?
Lettuce in, it’s cold out here.

I don’t know how else to say it, I meditate and messages appear. Usually messages of wisdom. I will try and ask for directions or specifics but nope, just nuggets of wisdom. I share these nugs on this blog. This is a blog of nugs. Sometimes the nugs come every day, sometimes way less. You already know.

Sometimes I knock on this innermost cosmic door and there is no answer, just a note that says “Patience”.

We are going through so much change and transition these days that we need a little more patience for ourselves and for those around us. Everyone is going through it. Clarity can take time and that’s ok.

We need not have an opinion or judgement or criticism about everything right now. We need not have a decision or stance or public statement about everything right now.

Let’s be easy on each other as we start out this new year. Let’s be easy on ourselves too.

Dec 24 2020


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Peace to you and your people. This past year was rough, and it doesn’t seem that “normal” is coming any time soon. We must put together some togetherness. We get what we give, so we give peace love and understanding all day all night.

Dec 18 2020


Lately I am trying to force something out and onto this blog. Usually, I am like an anti-enforcer especially when it comes to any kinda of creative output. It will flow when it flows, leave it alone till then. But sometimes, like lately, I’ll be waiting for a while.

Can we induce the flow? Or uncork it or whatever? I don’t know for sure. But what I do know is that we are slowed by anchors and entanglements.

Probably no better time to let it all go. Release the past. Release the future. Unleash this now moment and embrace the mystery and magic it can bring.

This does not mean chaos. This actually means mindfulness. You have to have purpose to let it all go and then into the flow and then onto the next level.

Dec 10 2020


The rugs have been pulled out from under us. Wigs and scripts have been flipped. No need to keep talking about what a nutty year it has been but we can keep talking about what is being uncovered.

That is galactically, globally, culturally, and most importantly, personally. Might as well have some intention and purpose during this era of excavation and come out of all this not only alive but new and improved.

Dec 05 2020


They say success is a staircase not a doorway. Great metaphor for taking baby steps one at a time. Also in there is a metaphor of baggage. We can’t bring all of our bullshit up these stairs. It’s impossible, we have to let some of it go.

This is where we plateau. Where we can’t move forward because we are anchored to the past.

Normally this would be a conversation about having to make commitments and tough decisions, but this pandemic and resulting system shut down just did all of that for us. Our plateau just got blown up and we have no choice. It is mandatory to level up, which means it is mandatory to sort out all this baggage.

Nov 05 2020


Charles Barkley talks about how one time as a young player he got hit in the head during a rough basketball game. He said something like, “Coach, he hit me in the head,” and his coach says, “He got a head too.”

And now Charles says it all the time when commentating on game action, “He got a head too.” I like it, it’s not about revenge. It’s a statement of truth that leads to equanimity.

At first it feels like revenge, like ok I am going to hit this guy in the head in retaliation mode, and it is partly that. But then the statement settles in and eventually comes the realization that my head and his head are actually irrelevant.

I don’t think this Chuck-ism was meant for this much after thought. Reminds me of Mike Tyson’s famous quote, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Like the game hasn’t even started until you get punched in the mouth (or hit in the head). Game on.

Oct 28 2020


You be as is you become. You become as is you be. Now is as then and then as is now. Then is not yet here, only is now. Thus all is now.

Oct 15 2020


Think about when your driving and someone jams themselves into your lane without a turn signal. You’re pissed because it could’ve killed you. The action itself is only a fraction of a second but sometimes we drag that moment out and make it last an hour or even longer by marinating in those feelings.

In reverse, think about when your focused and deep into some creative work and the hours fly by and it’s super fun. I’m saying time is somehow connected to the emotional body. If that’s the case then maybe time isn’t a measurement but a body of energy itself.

I used to want to steal time. Like take it from one area of my life and add it to another area. But now I think we just have to find the right time to make more time.

Time hunting. We find the exact right moment and try to multiply that moment by being in the flow. We bring a particular flow energy to that moment and then it unfolds and quadruples.

Maybe that exact right moment is this exact moment right now.