Nov 15 2018

1 %

I think if we can do 1% better than we did yesterday, then we can expect exponential results sooner or later. What do you think?

Aug 28 2018


Today I talk about a possible model of reality and that if this model is true, we will know very soon.

Jun 02 2018


Did this vid in 1 take. Happy for myself. Hope you like it. I talk about the idea that we might be living in a holographic universe. Could we be living in a simulation either created by our collective consciousness or an unknown breakout civilization?

May 29 2018


Lucio works with Dakila Research group and is the one who introduced Danny to them and what they are working on in Brazil. We have had Lucio on other podcasts before but had some technical problems. Today Danny and Lucio talk about what is about to happen when the shift occurs.

May 28 2018


Today I unpack what I know about “The Event”. Activation and ascension and awakening. Lots of stuff happening this summer, better to be prepared than not if it goes down the way they are saying it goes down.

May 27 2018


Densities and dimensions. It gets boggling at times and in this video I try to clear up some of the confusion and cover some basics. A quick vid that will probably require a future follow up vid.

May 23 2018


Danny hit me up this morning and said, “Let’s get on a call today with Felipe”. I said, “Ok perfect, I just started a new Youtube channel.” Felipe is based in Brazil and part of the Dakila Research group. We had him on some earlier podcasts and recordings, but those didn’t come out so good because of technical difficulties. Anyways, he has a lot to say about a lot of topics. There is a lot of info here that may “challenge” some belief systems, but I think it is fun to explore new ideas and get different perspectives.

May 23 2018


I watched the last video and thought I could have expanded more on the topic, so instead of deleting it and recording a new video I decided to just add on to the topic. Everyone is experiencing changes right now, some more than others and some are realizing it more than others. Let’s talk about it.

May 22 2018


Today’s sesh is about intuition. Your connection to the infinite intelligence. You are getting messages, ideas, and wisdom everyday. Maybe it is time you start to honor these downloads.

May 12 2018


Everything is energy. Today I talk about frequencies and vibration. How is your vibration today? Sometimes it helps to know and just being mindful of it can be a game changer.

May 09 2018


New youtube channel! I’m not sure why but I miss having a show. I’ve tried podcasts, a podcast with a youtube, and now just a straight youtube. This one will probs be a mix of vlogs and guests and hangouts if I don’t delete it. I just feel like participating and sharing. This first episode is how and why I started it. Let me know if you’re into it.