Lucio works with Dakila Research group and is the one who introduced Danny to them and what they are working on in Brazil. We have had Lucio on other podcasts before but had some technical problems. Today Danny and Lucio talk about what is about to happen when the shift occurs.

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4 responses to “Shifts – Lucio Reis”

  1. girlinpinkskirt

    Great discussion and emphasis on open-mindedness and awareness,
    looking forward to more videos

  2. rzz

    glad you like! thanks for your comment!

  3. no more zzzzzz

    This seems to be the last cycle.And the controllers know this and are panicking to trap us here with them in their synthetic AI/5G/Transhuman anti-creation world as they need to feed off us.They think they can bypass natural/universal law and be gods of this place,downloading their sick minds into the cloud achieving immortality but they already lost.Anyone feeling hopless or overwhelmed keep this in mind

  4. rzz

    yes the war is pretty much over, it is time to usher in the new era. thanks for your comment!