Jan 28 2021


Complete this level and then have access to the next level. If the next level has not, is not, and/or will not appear, then it must mean that this present level has not yet been completed. Have awareness and have patience.

Jan 22 2021

Lunch Club II

Secret lunch club once a week at a not so secret spot. What happens is you get a photo of something and you think to yourself, “When I go back, Imma get a better shot.” Then all of a sudden you have an accidental photo series.

Jan 20 2021


Our own cycles waves and patterns magnetize matching cycles waves and patterns that create our reality.

Step 1. Reverse engineer the desired frequencies, break the matrix.
Step 2. Help others to do the same.

Jan 12 2021


I’ve mentioned it before. Reality is made up of over a trillion bits of information. We as humans can only perceive around 2 million bits at a time, which means each individual’s personal reality is much different than the next.

So, quite literally, a shift in our perception creates a shift in our reality.

This is our birthright. The freedom to choose which ever reality we want. Let’s follow gratitude in our choices. Let’s follow what lights us up. Let’s let go of the rope.

Jan 09 2021


Piggy backing the last post. There are many many people places and things holding us back, keeping us down, and into the dark. Yet there are just as many people places and things pushing us forward, holding us up, and into the light.

Honor them, nurture them. Seek to increase the people places and things that multiply and expand and deliver more light into your life.

Jan 04 2021


What is the purpose of all this self observation and self analysis? What is the purpose of any analysis? It’s to get better, do better, and be better than the day before. That’s all.

I think when we are busy sorting out baggage and entanglements we forget it is for the purpose of getting lighter. And brighter. Shine on.