Aug 09 2022


I fell off. I read somewhere that the average person can maintain about 7 major projects/tasks/activities at once. I am finding that I am way below average in my older years, only able to juggle maybe 3 things maximum.

I had to pause everything (like this blog) and go hunt for the hyper attack mode beast mode version of myself. Turns out he traded our giant tour bus for a motorcycle, bounced and left me the keys. The message is further faster and without the fuss. Let’s see.

Apr 24 2022



Style matters. Appreciationess. Appreciationistic.

Appreciationable. Appreciationment. Appreciationify.

Appreciationism. Appreciationship. Appreciationesque.

Appreciationous. Appreciationical. Appreciationize.

Appreciationance. Appreciationage. Appreciationing.

Mar 06 2022

The Easy

All is well, be well. All is easy, be easy. It is looking like we can no longer worry about other people, places, or things. Our worrying about problems only delivers more problems.

All we can do is adjust our vibration in order to deliver more vibration at all times to all people, all places, and all things. Be the light, be the well, be the easy to whoever, wherever, and whenever it is needed.

Feb 17 2022


Refresh for peace. Rest for love, relax for understanding. Sleep for gratitude and joy.

I think we are in a restoration phase. Like maybe the pandemic was a demolition phase. Maybe not.

Not saying don’t do shit, I’m saying find the time to find the vibe.

Feb 15 2022


What you are seeking is also seeking you.

In rest, summons it. In relaxation, allow it. In reset, arrival.

Feb 07 2022


Yesterday’s post reminded me of another conversation with another friend. I said that so far this year I have been purposefully selfish with my time, lots of stuff I wanna work on and finish. I said that I have been turning down invites. She said that I have JOMO, “Joy Of Missing Out.”

She’s right, I do have it. And I love it. I can’t wait to be invited to something and not show up. Just kidding, but some social obligations are getting veto-ed much quicker than before that’s for sure.

Either by old age or by pandemic, we have been forced to sort out what’s important. I appreciate it.

Feb 06 2022


I have a friend who enjoys NOT being chill. Last night she was saying how she has never been described as chill and most of the time she can’t wait to pop off. “I wish I could be chill, but God has other plans.” She was being funny but in this little rant there was actual chillness.

She has embraced her own individuality in these weird pandemic days of herd mentality and separatism, isolation and chaos.

May we all honor and embrace ourselves as is, as was, and as will ever be.

Jan 26 2022


Release all heavier older stinky moldy outdated and expired thoughts feelings and behaviors. Unleash all the beasts, they no longer need your nurturing care and support nor your blood sweat and tears. Not for time or space, but for gravity. Be lighter. Be light.

Jan 23 2022


Not much “doing” these days. Only “being”. The vibe has been reset and refreshed. You have left the mainland and now reside on an island. It is paradise. You are paradise.

Jan 22 2022


Enjoy the ride.
Without judgement. Without expectation.
With wonderment. With gratitude.

Jan 13 2022


I am mostly a glass is half full type of guy. But, I am also a grass is always greener type of guy. (We are humans and we contradict ourselves.) I know everyone’s grass is totally different and I know other people’s grass should be none of my business yet I still look at mine, then look at theirs, then look back at mine. Or when not specifically comparing, I’m looking at my grass and thinking better grass must exist somewhere else, just not here.

I’m wrong. We’re wrong. The best grass is our own grass because we grew it. There can be no better grass. It may need some work. It may need a miracle, but no other grass at whatever vibrance of green will ever satiate or fulfill us.

To each his own. Her own. They own.

Honor and respect to all grass near and far, past present and future.

Dec 31 2021


Happy New Year to you and all of your peoples. Enjoy what needs to be enjoyed in these weird times. The world needs more light, your light. Radiate.

Dec 30 2021


Find time to find the vibe. Sometimes action alone won’t actually get the job/goal done. Sometimes that goal isn’t even meant for you, or it was created in fear, or it doesn’t contribute to your expansion.

I think it’s always been action then clarity then vibes. Nowadays I think it’s vibes first, clarity, then action. Let’s try it and see if this upcoming year can be different.