“It’s a great opportunity to be in this position,” said every NBA player in every interview. The playoffs are happening right now, so there is lots of bball action on the TV at my place. Of course, they probably each go through some sort of media training, they all have similar answers and similar tone of voice.

I have been thinking about focus and how scarce it is in these distracted times. Could “focus” simply be the expression of appreciation for an opportunity? Is “focus” the attempt? The attempt to make something from, in, and of an opportunity?

Sure, focus is needed to get stuff done but you know what I am saying. Focus is more than checking off random tasks. I am talking about the focus that leads to flow. In flow, you are not “doing”. You are “being”, always have been, and will continue to be the maestro.

Could “lack of focus” simply be the lack of appreciation for opportunity? (Life itself?) Could “lack of focus” simply be an unawareness of given attempts? (Is “attemption” a word?)

Should these attempts be more precious? Should we honor each and every attempt?

Here is me attempting to get more words on this blog, regardless if these words are winners or losers. Getting the attempt off is the actual win (talking to myself out loud.) Getting the ball in the air counts for something (potentiality), regardless if it is wet or not (goes in the basket.). (How do I do the periods when using parenthesis?)

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