Not sure exactly how and why, but I just can’t get myself to post anything on IG anymore. Not even stories which I usually like to do. IG is broken. So I’ll post here what I was meant to post there.

It’s weird because social media really ushered digital photography into my life and now it’s reversed, my photos not able to shake hands with my IG acct.

2 responses to “Numbers”

  1. I hadn’t thought of it in those terms… but Instagram did the same thing for me with digital photography… which wound up driving me back to film and ultimately away from Instagram entirely. But I still shoot film daily. I should be grateful to Instagram for that. Ultimately it was a stepping stone in the direction I wanted to be, but did not know at the time.

  2. rzz

    Yeah it’s difficult and kind of an identity crisis. As a photographer your job is to share photos, and here’s this perfect app that all anyone wants to do is look at photos and yet I can’t get into it.

    As a business though, for Hamburger Eyes, it is like “free marketing”. So I do it, but feels spammy.