Oct 04 2021


Sometimes foundations doors walls windows plumbing electrical gets rocked for whatever reason. Naturally, you then replace or repair. I don’t know if it’s from becoming older or if it’s because of the pandemic/politics, but some folks these days are extra fortified in their positions. And more walls mean more division.

Karens begetting more Karens or reverse-Karening. Sorry Karen, I did have a crush on you in highschool. I’m not saying to not have beliefs or boundaries or non negotiables or red flags, but consider the costs on some of them. Consider your “education” and recruitment strategy. Is your world getting bigger or smaller?

I am saying we are participating in the co-creation of reality whether we know it or not. And like everything else in nature, we are either growing or shrinking.

“It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” – Unknown

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