Maybe it’s OCD. Maybe it’s from eating too much bread. I was reading about how, just like a leaky gut, you can also have a leaky brain. There is a membrane around your brain that can get holes in it. Anyways, not sure why I have to shoot this spot so hard when I come here.

That is Luis and his dog. We started bringing beach chairs and camping chairs. Jason comes like every other time. I have been psyched on purposely avoiding people lately, but it is nice to meet with these dudes outdoors once a week to socialize. In this photo, I am on my way back from peeing under the bridge away from eyeballs on the bridge, on the street, and on the bike path.

No one calls it “Lunch Club” but me. We each bring our own food and whatever.

We hang out for about an hour. These dudes then go back to work. I made this day my errand day so afterwards I go to the grocery store then do laundry. UPS is right by here, so I do that before lunch. I do USPS on a different day (Tuesday).

Today, I showed up a little early so I went to the thrift store right by there. I bought a book for $2 but before finishing the transaction the cashier asked if I was a senior, meaning that I could get the senior citizen discount. Wow. A little gray hair goes a long way. Too long.