Charles Barkley talks about how one time as a young player he got hit in the head during a rough basketball game. He said something like, “Coach, he hit me in the head,” and his coach says, “He got a head too.”

And now Charles says it all the time when commentating on game action, “He got a head too.” I like it, it’s not about revenge. It’s a statement of truth that leads to equanimity.

At first it feels like revenge, like ok I am going to hit this guy in the head in retaliation mode, and it is partly that. But then the statement settles in and eventually comes the realization that my head and his head are actually irrelevant.

I don’t think this Chuck-ism was meant for this much after thought. Reminds me of Mike Tyson’s famous quote, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Like the game hasn’t even started until you get punched in the mouth (or hit in the head). Game on.