When studying this self mastery stuff you come across the terms “scarcity” vs “abundance”. These are terms to describe the polarity of our different mindsets. The idea is that if you have problems you are most likely in a scarcity belief system and you need to move into an abundance belief system.

In seems in actuality though, not so simple or linear. It is more like “survive” mode vs “prosper” mode. The idea is to break this cycle and just be free, only living in prosper mode.

In prosper mode, we are free and creative and everything we need will come to us. That means that “faith” is a part of it, so then “scarcity” vs “abundance” becomes “fear” vs “faith”.

People associate the word “faith” with organized religion, but it is much more than that. I have fear of dropping in on a waves 6ft or bigger. That is because I don’t yet have “faith” in my surfing, swimming, and holding my breath that long. But this can be overcome with practice and experience. (The opposite of fear is faith. Not love as most people think. My love for surfing won’t save me from drowning, but faith in my practice of surfing maybe can.)

That being said, we cannot exactly say “practice = abundance”. This is how we built a messed up system. If I went to college for whatever subject, it doesn’t mean that I’ll be automatically good at said subject.

Enter the term “alignment”. This blog should be renamed “Ray’s Alignments”. Not that I am there yet or anywhere close, but most of the writing on this blog is about alignment of the mental body, the physical body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body. I think when we get these bodies all on the same page, anything is possible. And being secured into that realm of possibility is the main nugget on the path to breaking the cycle and living in “prosperity”.

This is the concept that sparked this blog and I think I just needed to re-visit and see how I got here. Thanks for rolling with.