Some people hate on sports. I get it. But I like it. Especially NBA basketball. There are hundreds of metaphors for “real” life in there. Joy vs suffering, work vs play, offense vs defense, team vs individual, mental vs physical, etc.

Spectator vs player is what I am thinking about today. This is a great model of dimensions. In the game of life, we are always a player. Born a player, die a player. But a lot of the time, sometimes not even knowing, we go outside our own perspective and take on the perspective of a coach, a ref, or a spectator in the stands.

Even further, through the cameras and into the dimension of the broadcasters and commentators and even past that as the viewers at home on the couch around the world.

All these perspectives make it easy to get lost. This exploration could provide useful analysis to improve our game. On the shadow side it is an escape from this now moment in our game, in this case not useful at all.

This exploration also leads us to the reminder that we were in fact born in the arena and that we are vulnerable. We are in the big game. And it’s go time.

Check ball.

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  1. What a great analogy!!

  2. rzz

    thanks andy!!