In biz to stay organized we have to compartmentalize. In my case as a publisher I move from creation mode to production mode to distribution mode. This sort of thing helps to focus on the task at hand.

We do this in life too. Work mode, play mode, sleep mode. Another obvious example, family mode vs friends mode. We have a whole set of behaviors around family and a whole other set of behaviors around friends. Sure there’s overlap, but you can see where I am going with this.

Creating these compartments creates a disconnect. It’s nice to know you can deal with something later, it relieves pressure, but with more compartments comes more disconnect. You act one way for one group and another way for the other group thus alienating both groups.

As you get older the walls of some of these compartments dissolve naturally. Work mode blends with play mode, family and friends mix and mingle, etc. But some of these walls strengthen. They beef up and you can’t see over them. You lose vision. Soon after boundaries internalized become externalized. Lines are drawn, territories are colonized.

Self observe and adjust these compartments, save the world.