You know when you’re sitting there and all of a sudden you get a great idea or solve a problem or have an epiphany or realization or even just a little nugget of wisdom? Some people refer to this occurrence as a “download”. Like it came from somewhere else other than your own mind.

And when you need a great idea or problem solved or an epiphany or realization or little nugget of wisdom, no one talks about this, I call it an “upload”. Like you put it out there and wait, you send an email with proposed questions or desires attached and you sleep on it until the response and download comes.

I think awareness of this cycle is croosh (slang for crucial).

To take this computering reference even further, with all that’s going on in the world recently we are forced to “reset”. But beyond the reset, it’s a whole other thing to delete files, delete folders, and even “wipe” the hard drive.

I am not saying we need to induce amnesia, but I am saying some of the systems we are running are outdated. It doesn’t always work to install an upgrade on top of an old program. You have to install the new stuff on a clean drive. This will also make lots of room for new downloads.