Sometimes we are the rejected and sometimes we are the rejector. It sucks to be either actually. It could be as simple as frequencies matching or not, but let’s make it more complicated.

Rejection has something to do with worthiness. We are either on the sending end or receiving end of it. Worthiness has something to do with comparison. “Comparison is the thief of joy,” heard this quote on an NBA broadcast of all places and it is what sparked this post. Great quote.

Comparison has something to do with standards based on past experiences or future ideals. Thus, comparison has something to do with analysis which leads to judgement which leads to division or unity.

Of course we have to have our standards, our non negotiables, and our red flags. But the planet could use more unity right about now. Our actions can influence our neighbors, our neighbors can influence their neighbors, and those neighbors can influence racists.

We have to leave some room for that influence to take place. That room or time or space needed is created by staying out of judgement, comparison, worthiness, and rejection. Not easy I know. But we were all little brats at one time, new info and guidance was provided. We were given time and space to evolve for the better. It’s possible.