Gonna try to separate the photos from the words. I tried it before, going to try it again. I know it doesn’t matter but usually the random photos have nothing to do with illustrating the random words and vice versa. Starting today all future writings will go in the “REPORTS” section and all future photos in the “RESEARCH” section. To make it more confusing, all past posts will be have to be listed in both sections but eventually it will self organize. I think.

OMG how we organize things. We need boundaries, walls, categories, labels, etc. It’s just how our brains work. And when people, places, or things act outside of our given labels then wires are crossed and we spazz out.

On the other hand, when we label ourselves we assume an identity and along with that identity comes belief systems and behaviors. When that identity is challenged, we try selling the belief systems and behaviors in order to recruit. It becomes a safety in numbers survival based situation. More spazzing basically.

This leads to polarity and has gotten us in this mess we are in now. (It’s been kind of the plan all along if you ever read Machiavelli.)(“Divide and conquer” was his whole jam. Remember when Tupac got out of jail after reading his book and recorded an album under that name and then all of a sudden West Coast vs East Coast.)

The sooner we can honor and appreciate 7 billion perspectives, the sooner we can get out of this mess.

Note: I think we are not supposed to say “spazz” anymore. If you are offended, please leave a comment and I will remove the word(s) in question.