I don’t know that I have been “un-motivated”, but I haven’t been very productive that’s for sure. Which makes me think about what being productive really means. Like we have our monthly, weekly, and daily duties but do these to do lists and check boxes equal a fruitful life? Why? How closely related are joy and accomplishment?

I am thinking about daily routines versus daily practices. Like email is a routine, but photoshop is a practice. Up at 8am is a routine, but meditation is a practice. What is purposeful versus what is survival? What is mandatory and what is flexible? Why?

With the covid we are forced into quarantine, forced to relax and do nothing. And I have had plenty of days doing nothing. With the fight for equality we are forced into maximum action. And I have had plenty of days on the streets getting loud and documenting.

These opposing forces are creating world changing friction on all levels. For me, this is not just a reset but a whole new operating system install. And this process has been taking months and still going, lol. I am patient and realize it’s ok to not be “productive” right now.

We are sorting what is right and wrong in order to move on as a society. And what is right and wrong to move on as an individual.

The gap between society and the individual is where things are interesting. We know what society needs, we know what we personally need. But we can’t say shit about the needs of friends, family, colleagues, associates, etc.

People are going through their own reset and freak out and that is affecting relationships. Many recent cut-offs, divorces, breakups, beefs activated, etc.

Sorry, didn’t mean to go dark on here. Everything that is happening is happening for our betterment. We are moving towards a better version of ourselves. In order to make an omelette, we have to break some eggs. That is a fact.