May 28 2020


From the spiritual perspective that we are all one collective entity, racism is like a sickness in the body. It’s been there forever and it’s been out of control for 400 years or so and it’s time to fix it otherwise we die. We will die as a species if we don’t address this.

This is part of the shadow work as a collective. Shadow work is not macro, it is micro. And since this sickness is systemic, we gotta go micro.

Our individual daily actions steer the direction of the collective. We are going in the wrong direction. WE HAVE TO COURSE CORRECT. Hold yourself accountable and the people around you will begin to do the same. Treat people as you would like to be treated and the people around you will begin to do the same. Listen and you will be heard. See and you will be seen.

Hold yourself to a higher standard of behavior towards others, participate in creating higher standards of behavior towards others in all aspects of society and culture, especially at the levels of those who are supposed to “SERVE AND PROTECT” us.