Sometimes we gotta listen to our bodies and sometimes we gotta listen to our hearts too. Our brains may have a lot of opinions, but sometimes opinions won’t get the job done.

2 responses to “Brains”

  1. ben braun

    hey ray,

    i just wanted to say how much i love your blog posts and they impact me. as a 17 year old struggling to find an artistic community around me (i know its there!! just cant find it) it is very nice to read your thoughts and meditations. take a break from the world on this serene corner of the internet.

    hamburger eyes is awesome and u inspire me to create (hopefully my own zine some day?? ill send u a copy!)

    much love


  2. rzz

    Wow!! Thank you Ben. Glad to hear that you appreciate this blog. I never know who’s reading and don’t get much feed back but I enjoy trying to update it everyday. For people like you!

    And def send me a copy of your zine when it’s ready!