We can move now. Move on to the next level. I was always trying to sneak in but didn’t know how. Turns out permission was never needed. Access was, is, and will be forever granted. Others have tried to tell us we are not allowed, these are all lies from a bunch of liars. We have paid good money for these lies, we have paid good money to not to find out for ourselves.

We have been tricked to “do” something, bribed with hopes to “be” something. Those days are over. Turns out we were already, are already, and will “be” already. We are not “doings”, we are “beings”. This knowing is our access code. All we gotta know is that we just gotta “be”. Be ourselves. To the max.

Enjoy being yourself. Warts and all. In each and every moment. Enjoy others enjoying being themselves. Warts and all. In each and every moment.