** When I go in to meditation, I see if I can relax and just be open to any ideas, questions, answers, suggestions, comments, etc about my life in general. If you’ve been reading this blog, probs pretty obvious. I get mostly messages of peace and wisdom, sometimes just for me and sometimes for the whole planet. Sometimes I get so much that I have to take a bunch of notes. Most of these blog posts are just me riffing off 1 or 2 sentences from these notes. But now I am thinking of posting the whole notes because a lot is coming in these days and may be useful to someone. Let’s try it. **

This is what came in today : Let love win. Do not block love. Let love through. Let love fill in the cracks. Pay attention and have patience. We are just at the beginning of this roller coaster ride. Know that it is all about change for the better. Look out for each other.

Realize purpose. Realize paradise.

Do not fear. Have faith and trust. Have peace love and understanding. Understand that there are nefarious characters and puppet masters causing worldwide power shifts and power struggles. Understand your own power. Understand what is no longer acceptable and understand your power to influence change. Understand having love while governing your own well being. Understand that having power does not require taking it from another. Understand real power is from expansion of awareness. Understand that all things are expanding or contracting, growing or shrinking. Understand that we are growing. Understand that we are in a cycle. Understand patience. Understand patience for one another. Understand that this is a dawning of a new day.