I’m not exactly sure but I think we are around the 3rd week of quarantine here in LA. I always have stuff to work on and even gave myself a bunch of projects in the last week or so. But the past few days I’m bored. I can’t seem to focus on anything work, art, books, movies, etc.

It’s impatience.

I think we can help cure impatience with acceptance. We have to accept that we are stuck in quarantine for at least another month or 2. We have to accept that after the virus, the economy is next in line to do damage. We have to accept that life as we know it may have just changed forever. We have to accept that people around us each have their own ways of dealing with change.

I think though that through acceptance comes appreciation for potentiality.

Last week, I wanted to distract myself with projects, “getting” the most out of time.

This week, accepting reality as it is and appreciating what could be, thus “giving” the most to time.

Very subtle and microscopic shift but noticeable.