You know that animals sense fear guess what humans do too. Some humans prey on fear. So, we have become masters at hiding our fears by burying them deep within. We build electrified fences and thick walls around them, complete with barbed wire and armed guards and pitbulls and sharks. We have been practicing this our whole lives.

We think we are building these boundaries for self-preservation but what we are really building is a storage unit, holding these fears as hostages.

I am proposing that we storm this fortress and rescue the hostages. I think these crazy times are calling for it. We no longer have use for this system. It is no longer needed for survival.

We are now smart enough and brave enough and being asked and even required to face our fears. Yet the simple awareness and acknowledgment of these fears will set them free.

Let’s become masters of digging up what we once buried, re-mastering these fears and letting them go.