I will admit a couple days ago I was a bit stressed. Mostly about my brother, who I live with, getting me sick. I have no problem staying home, but I think he does. He was pretty much like, “I’m still going out, sorry not sorry.” He went to bars, coffee shops, and restaurants after everything on the news told us to stay home to not spread the virus. But after a day I was like, “Just don’t get me sick.” And now that everything is closed, I’m not too worried anymore.

A day after that he went to go quarantine with a girl he is seeing and I got our place to myself for a few days. That made me feel better. My immune system is compromised. I can’t afford to get sick. So I got to meditating.

Here’s the vibe I’m getting. First, if I believe my body is weak, it will be weak. Second, this is from an energetic stand point, the is a time for a mass cleansing. Like when you are deep cleaning your house and moving furniture, you will find a bunch of weird stuff under the couch and it has to come out.

Humanity has been hyper polarized. What better way to unite people than with a common threat. And what better way for everyone to look within by being forced to stay inside. This is about evolution, living intentionally and proactively versus reactively. We are creating a new reality.

I am not trying to under estimate the virus. I know people are sick and dying. And I am not saying someone did this on purpose to teach us a lesson. Though obviously someone screwed up and the virus got out. I am saying as a species, we will learn a lot from this. And we will probably get through it quicker the quicker we learn.

It’s peace love and understanding right now. Judgement criticism and hate will get us nowhere as we already know and have been shown again and again.