In the NBA commentators sometimes clown on dudes like why is this giant guy trying to dribble up the court or why is this little guy trying to post up. They are basically saying to stay in your lane, stay doing what you’re good at. “Build on your strengths.”

In business you try to get an all around game, like try to be good at production and sales and marketing etc all at the same time. And in business books they game you in each of these areas. But I’m finding out that it’s just not super practical. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Recently I told myself to chill on everything and just make pages everyday. That’s what I’m good at, editing photos for publication. I’m just gonna do that right now for January and February at least. I ended up making 1 book over 1000 pgs and 2 books each at 116 pgs, that’s the Cellybrain book and 2 future issues of Hamburger Eyes.

I am now seeing that everything else kind of falls into place. Actually scratch that, it’s more like nothing else really matters. Feeling unlocked. Maybe you do too. It’s been a crazy February.