Not sure about you guys but I’m trying to have a productive year this year. Sure there is something to be said about this hustle culture we are in and the idea of having to be productive all the time and how that is causing more stress and fragility in society. But I subscribe to the idea that we can have whatever we want doing whatever we want, which I think means that stress factors would be minimal if you are actually doing whatever you want and making a decent living.

I was just thinking about how we all have goals, we all want to be healthy and prosperous and have awesome relationships. We are all winning at some things and losing at other things. What makes it so easy for some and harder for others?

I think it’s systems. I mentioned it before and will probably keep mentioning them. Our behavioral systems and belief systems need to be re-programmed and optimized. Thoughts, feelings, actions. Focus, discipline, habits. Communications, efforts, etc. Easier said than done. But I think even a 1 percent improvement in any of these areas will go a long way. Our daily mission should be these 1 percents. Maybe gives a new meaning to the phrase “1 percenters”. Let’s get busy. Here’s to a new you in 2020.