Another fake paradox. When on this path of self discovery you recognize patterns of abundance and scarcity. You realize these are times of thoughts of prosperity or poverty. So, right away you make efforts to banish anything in your life that will lead to a negative mentality.

This is the paradox though: you will see homeless tents, you will have family members that you have to take care of that have a horrible attitude, you live in an apartment that has all kinds of non human critters running around it, earthquakes, plane crashes, shootings, aids, crack babies, etc. It is a paradox because you have just banished bad thoughts from your life, yet here you are surrounded by it.

You start thinking that one, maybe you haven’t held proper thoughts long or strong enough to change your reality. And two, maybe your thoughts are clouded by some past or future entanglements that you haven’t sorted yet.

Either way this is why it is a fake paradox. Because along the journey you find out that you aren’t making these changes just for yourself. You are making them for your family, your friends, your town, your city, and your planet.

You have come to a point where you now know enough to influence in a positive way. Even if that effort is just a simple hello or a smile. This is not a test of mental fortitude. Your reality will change, but for the purpose of changing the world.