I had a friend the other day saying how “emo” this blog was. I don’t think she was hating but I felt defensive for some reason. I guess for me any kind of label feels like a cage and this blog is about leveling up, which means breaking out of the cage.

I say if life can be better, it’s worth an exploration. It’s worth the discussion. I notice some people don’t like to discuss these topics. “Everything is fine.” What may be happening is we instinctively know that to change our personal reality, we have to change our personality.

That mountain is too much work. That road is too treacherous. Our ego has us all comfy and secure, why even bother. Why not? Is what I’m saying. If you don’t have the house, job, or relationship you want then get your gear together because we are going mountain climbing. Today.

I was watching NBA earlier and Kendrick Perkins was clowning on Richard Jefferson because he was about to call a game. That means he was gonna sit courtside with some other announcers and commentate throughout the whole broadcast. Big Perk was joking about his suit and tie and asked RJ if he was nervous. He replied, “Yeah I’m nervous. If you ain’t nervous, it don’t mean nothing.”

Leveling up is uncomfortable, change is uncomfortable, sorting through garbage is uncomfortable. We do it today so we can be more comfortable tonight.