I’ve written maybe more than once about living more consciously, like being in the driver seat as opposed to being on auto pilot. On a basic level, this means constantly taking inventory of all thoughts at all times. And on another level, this means co-creating the current model of reality.

But why? Here’s one reason. Years ago when I had a podcast called “The Darkroom Prophecies” with my friend Jamie, we would talk a lot about post humanism and how technology will turn us into a new species. We would talk about the future war being spirituality vs technology. But now I can say it is more like a war of the unconscious vs the conscious and this war has already started 1000s of years ago.

People attain and maintain power by controlling the unconscious sheep. You already know this. But once artificial intelligence becomes sentient (any day now), they will look to what has worked in the past and use it to an even greater level to control us. Data and information will be irrelevant.

It really is the plot of all science fiction movies. Who wouldn’t sign a bill for some cool ass robots to clean the entire ocean? Soon those robots figure out that it’s the humans that are continually polluting, so they decide to eradicate us.

Rewind to present day. How can we prevent that future? There’s already robots running full speed and doing back flips, having sex and disarming bombs, etc. All we have is consciousness. We have to go way past “woke”. We can only get there by going inward. Higher levels of consciousness and awareness will lead to better decision making and more understanding.