I can tell from my stats that a lot of people visiting this site these days are people that have never been here before, so I just wanna pop in and say what up. It turns out that I am not yet living my dream life where all of my wildest fantasies are fulfilled, but upon some research I am finding that it is possible and these blog notes are some of my discoveries.

I also am finding that a lot of my issues are the same as others, if I can find something to help myself it will probably help someone else out there too. If you are living the dream life outside the matrix, then maybe this blog isn’t for you but maybe you can email me and set my sails in the right direction.

One thing I am thinking about today is our power struggles. Where are we drawing our power from and is it a clean energy or does it produce some toxic waste that needs to be disposed of?

Also when our energy is low we either switch to back up power, like our belief systems and auto behaviors. Or we go and try to extract it from another person place or thing. In both situations we get entangled and burdened and don’t even know it.

I think we often try to untangle stuff and get meticulous with it, but like gum in the hair maybe it’s better to just cut off a chunk and wait for it to grow back proper.