Ok when a superhero movie makes a billion dollars you think about bigtime action, bigtime special effects, super powers fantasies, the hero archetype, etc. Easy to understand the mainstream appeal.

What about the Joker movie clearing a billion? This is a dark movie about a dark villain. Why did so many people “enjoy” it? Many reasons and I’m sure many other blogs are breaking it down frame by frame.

The movie hits on a lot of things and mental health was a big one. I think that while we all have fantasies we also have truths. The world is changing rapidly and all issues are being forced to be addressed in order for us to evolve, both as individuals and as a society.

I think this is what resonates the most for me about the film. A little bit wake up call, a little bit empathy, but mostly evolution vs de-evolution.

For every new Tesla purchased, there’s another homeless tent set up on the street. For every new phone technology, there’s another new prescription drug to get addicted to. Etc. Sure you could argue “balance” of nature. I wanna argue for leveling up beyond duality.