It’s all forks. I’m talking about the forks in the road. Every millisecond we have life changing decisions to make from over 1 trillion different options.

I thought the correct way was to reverse engineer a desired outcome and choose the path that would get you there quickest or funnest or both. I was wrong. Turns out I’m not even driving. None of us is.

Auto pilot is driving. When it’s time to make a decision no matter how big or small, auto pilot chooses the answer based on stored data. That data is made up of beliefs and stories from life experience, not just our own but others experiences too.

When we end up in a place that we don’t want to be, it’s because our auto pilot took us there. This is the alert to re-calibrate the auto pilot. Auto pilot is our subconscious mind.

We can optimize our subconsciousness with our regular consciousness and/or our cosmic consciousness.

Purposeful behaviors (thoughts, feelings, actions) can influence the auto pilot by giving it new data to work with. Meditation grants access to other multiple levels of a larger database where new maps and info can be downloaded and used by our auto pilot.