Nov 18 2019


Ying yang symbol, checkboards, pie charts etc are all different ways to change perspective and simplify things like the contrast of extreme opposites and all the levels and gradients of everything in between. Not so easy when trying to apply this to time and dimensions and different systems that govern reality or even reality itself.

The more you zoom out, the more you realize you should be zooming in. And then vice versa. If you go beyond it, you notice this action of zooming in and zooming out at the same time is the shape of the universe.

This shape, known as the toroid, also happens to be the shape of all energy fields including your own.

If from this beyond perspective we can see that reality is a giant doughnut of swirling energy, then we can easily see infinite more doughnuts. These infinite doughnuts are infinite realities. This perspective is beyond time and space and beyond belief. From here all thoughts are valid and all thoughts are fully realized, yet all that is realized is illusion.

These illusions show us where truth is, it points to our beingness in this now moment is all the truth we need.