So you know that your thoughts can effect your cells. This is why the placebo effect works. If you believe a fake pill is going to cure a disease in your body, it does.

Thoughts effect our gene expression and inside our genes are DNA. We know that our DNA can store like trillions of bits of info. This could be why creating a reality shift feels time consuming. We have to purge our DNA and / or reprogram it.

Microsoft is making computers with synthetic DNA because it can store so much data. Silicon chips are just not gonna cut it in the future. This is crazy to me considering artificial intelligence, etc.

This is a true story too, a dude at IBM figured out how to store data on quartz crystals. Quartz is made of silicon, he invented the hard drives we are using right now. This was the beginning of Silicon Valley. Eventually, he realized that he didn’t need a computer interface to program a crystal. He just needed his mind.

Marcel Vogel quit IBM and started playing with crystals and cutting them into different shapes and using them for therapeutic purposes.

The point is that science figured out how to program crystals and now program DNA, but we were born with the ability already because of our thoughts, beliefs, habits, etc. We forget sometimes.