File this one in the “life hack” category. I started putting my phone on airplane mode while I’m working on stuff. Then I bumped it up to when I’m out running, when I’m out shooting, skating, swimming, etc. Now I plan to use airplane mode an hour before sleep, while sleeping, and probs till at least 11am.

Maybe you do this already. And obviously this won’t fit all lifestyles like if you have kids or your job requires you to be connected 24/7.

Here are my findings. Your brain becomes less reactive and more proactive. You train yourself off those notification dopamine hits, your train yourself off reacting to all day short term stimulus. Now your brain can focus on the task at hand and be more engaged and productive.

I have wrote about how we have billions of options with a decision to make every second. This is called living consciously when you purposely make those decisions. By going airplane mode, you are less distracted and can better make decisions.

One example is, I read in a book, to pause before you are about to eat something and ask yourself, “Is this poison or medicine?”

That’s a harsh example and something I struggle with. But most of the time we are running around without these moments of pause that can be useful.