This is personal but thought I’d share. I been having a hard time with my goals but today some switch got flipped.

Setting monthly monetary goals has just been kinda blah for me. It means trying to sell more books per month and that translates to me feeling spammy. I tried to re-frame it by saying things like inspire more people per month or connect with more photography people per month, but that hasn’t been super motivating either.

The plan has been to publish once a month. The math isn’t right though. Which is why I think I have been dragging my feet about it and pursuing more freelance work. But today I thought if we do more than 12 issues per year, then the math works out.

The idea of making a volume goal instead of a monetary goal works better for me. It’s motivating. I don’t even know if I can do it, but it won’t kill me to try. I think it will be fun.

I started running again. Trying to lose 15 lbs or more. Having an ideal weight goal isn’t getting me anywhere, but having a goal of 3 laps a day around the nearby park is.

I guess the take away is that we have to write our own goals in our own language sorta tricking our minds to co-operate and have crystal clarity on what works for yourself.

2 responses to “Volume”

  1. I so know this struggle. Go for it! I admire your honesty and effort.

  2. rzz

    Thank you Michael!!