I’m liking the language that popped out in the last post, so I’m gonna keep it going till it’s annoying.

There are 4 main realms within each of us. The realm of the mind, the realm of the body, the emotional realm, and the spiritual realm.

The idea is that we explore and take responsibility of these realms, fix them up, sort them out and eventually we are “self-realized” or have “mastery of self”. Mastery of self is mastery of thoughts and since our thoughts make up reality we can say that we are now “master of reality” or “king of all realms” which I just made up.

The dilemma is that while exploring you find out each realm is infinite and eternal and there just isn’t enough time to comprehend it all. And as you get deeper, more realms open up. Dream realms, pain realms, energy realms, elemental realms, galactic realms, celestial realms, etc etc.

Your consciousness is forced to expand, it feels like a paradox, existing in multiple locations at multiple times. It is not a paradox, it is multi-dimensionality.

All the Lord of the Rings movies are on Netflix right now. In one of them the Father Elf, let’s call him Daddy Elfman, says to Aragorn, “Set aside the Ranger and become the King you were meant to be!”

He is basically calling out Aragorn because all he wants to do is roll around with the homies, but the orcs are out of control and Middle Earth has no proper king right now.

Maybe it’s time we all call ourselves out.

Maybe if we can better create our realities, then we can better co-create the collective reality.