I talked to the Cheetah today. He has visited my dreams before, along side some other animals like the Whale and the Eagle. But today he showed up solo and he talked for the first time.

All he said was, “Purpose is speed.”

I have been feeling under the gun lately and behind on all my deadlines. Before when I’d see him, I thought it was a symbol for utilizing speed. Like the message was that I have speed or am built for speed so I can afford to push it a little harder.

But today was different. Purpose is speed. Have purpose, have speed. Speed is purpose. Cheetah is the fastest land animal and has speed to catch food or escape predators. Survival purpose. Great purpose.

I ended up with more questions than answers. Humans are asked to do more since our survival in suburbia is a little easier than living in the jungle. I thought I had purpose, could I have a misalignment? Could my purpose right now be incorrect or false? Or in the areas where I need things to hurry up, are my actions and thoughts and feelings not purposeful?

Maybe a little of everything. Lots to think about. But his words woke me up, that’s for sure.