“The way is the goal.” I think Confucious or Buddha said it. Also heard it as, “The path is the goal.”

Seems like a paradox. The usual lesson is that the journey itself is filled with lessons, so enjoy it. But let’s break it down.

Jim Rohn, who is a business coach type person, who is really a self development coach type person, says you attract what you are becoming.

Same kind of brain game where the means to an end is really just the means. Like you can say the journey is equal to the destination, therefore the journey is the destination, therefore the path is the goal.

We presume now that we have 2 goals. First goal, destination. Second goal, the path there. They are presuming that once you have that path, it is a given you will hit the destination no matter what. At least I think that is what “they” are saying.

But guess what, we are already on a path. We have been since day one. Maybe that’s just it, while we are on “a” path maybe we aren’t on “the” path. What and where is “the” path?

I am overthinking it. I just googled it and this other quote swooped in to sum it all up, “There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path.”