Ok go into your imagination right now. You are a being of light. You were re-born here on Earth to participate in a free will experiment. You knew going in you would have complete amnesia. The hope is that you would eventually remember or at least acknowledge the light and then influence the planet in a positive way for the betterment and evolution of the human species.

What happens as you are developing from infant to adult is you get draped in layers and layers of programming. Sometimes this programming is detrimental and it’s not that your light is fading, but it is getting covered up. It still exists there beneath it all.

They say we spend the first half of our lives building up our egos and the second half of our lives tearing them down. This is a similar analogy to releasing all that dims this light. We need our egos to protect us for sure, but the walls that have been built may be drowning out our voice. Sometimes it is time for a more modern design and re-build.