There’s a new flow in town. Actually it’s been there but we might not have noticed it. Let’s ride it.

“Becoming the greatest” has just been shortened to “being great”. To competitive people this might sound soft. Like not striving to be the greatest is settling or not trying your best. But I think that is just it, “trying” or “striving” instead of just “being.”

It’s about enjoying yourself. Give yourself permission to have fun with it. I bring this up because I work with people trying to make their product or service “the greatest” and if they don’t become the next Steve Jobs or Steven Spielberg then their life is a failure. It’s especially noticeable here in LA actually.

I appreciate ambition but not at the cost of fun. This chapter of misery is over and out dated. Ambition is not competition. I think this era of follower counts, likes, and comments etc has faded.

I said in a recent video interview that there are no more good photos or bad photos, just photography. I was stumbling with it and will probably look real dumb when it comes out. The interviewer didn’t get what I was trying to say and I actually didn’t either until just now.

That is that the action itself is great. Mix the action with passion and purpose and that’s more than enough to change your life, in turn the lives of those around you, and in turn the world. What more can you ask for.

2 responses to “Greatness”

  1. Johnny Salas

    For real this is it

  2. rzz

    Glad you like Johnny !