Sometimes I get cosmic on here and sometimes I get quantum. But “as above, so below”. This means our external reality is a reflection of our internal reality, so we study both.

But usually if we are looking for something externally, most likely we have to find it somewhere internally first.

A while ago when I first moved to LA I said to my sister something like, “When I get rich I wanna go to the beach all the time.” She said, “The beach is free, dude.”

I had some dumb belief that only people with lots of money can go to the beach.

A simple example but you can see how ridiculous our minds can be. These beliefs can be blocking the flow of what it is we really want. Once the belief was gone, I could see how I could make the beach happen and instantly it became a part of my external reality.

Beliefs, stories, attachments, entanglements, etc can all be blocking, clogging, and anchoring us internally. You already know all this. Happy journeys on your path to self mastery.