We talked about “alignment” before. I am talking about alignment of mind, body, and spirit. If your mind wants to go one way but your body and spirit want to go another way, you can find yourself running around in circles.

We can use our words to re-frame certain thoughts and ideas and beliefs to get everyone on the same page.

Obvious example. As a business owner, I am constantly irritating myself with thoughts of how to sell more books per month. The solution, as I often forget, is to re-frame it and ask how to inspire more people per month. The ego mind says we need to pay the bills, all stressy and spammy causing the spirit to be disgruntled. The spirit wants to be creative and connect with people. The re-frame of trying to inspire more people per month satisfies both aspects and we are now on the same page.

I get tripped up on this and thought I’d share because I see others getting tripped up. Not just in business but in all aspects of life. Relationships, health, purpose, etc.

I have a friend who sees the discipline of health as pain and sacrifice. I’m like uhhhhhh, can’t exercise and diet just simply be the idea of you being nice to your body?

Another friend, who wants to be in a relationship, sees relationships as too much work. Isn’t it possible to meet someone where it clicks and it’s fun?

Not saying that we don’t have to go through the fire and battle our innermost demons to level up, but sometimes we can just use our words too.