There seems to be the truth of reality and our own personal truth. Like maybe unicorns are real but I have never seen one. What is the truth? If we are experiencing a reality of the collective consciousness, then it must be our personal truths influencing it.

Our truth isn’t what we “know” to be true, our truth is what we “believe” to be true. And we already know that our beliefs can be false. We can find seeds of feelings and emotions in our truths. At one point Santa was real for us. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions were influenced by parents or marketing or whatever and then formed a belief. That belief became the truth.

I think that I am saying that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions form our beliefs. Then those beliefs form our truth which then becomes our reality.

So, we can out grow or evolve out of limiting beliefs or we can be deliberate about it and make beliefs.

I have a friend who believes he can’t get a girlfriend because he doesn’t drive a Tesla. I’m like what the fuck are you talking about and who are these girls you are going after.

Thousands of examples but the main go to one is the guy who ran the 4 minute mile. Scientists, doctors, etc said it was physically impossible. Then a guy did it. And soon after a bunch of people did it and now do it all the time.

If we can dream then maybe our lives can be more dreamy.