I didn’t make this up. It sounds like science fiction. People with multiple personality disorders will exhibit different physical traits when embodying different personalities.

It’s one thing to exhibit perceived things like vocal tone or strength level or whatever. But it’s a whole different thing when actual physical attributes like eye color or illness or disease switch on and off as soon as another personality is in charge.

This just goes to show how much we don’t know about the mind body connection. It also shows how our reality is actually pretty flexible.

In my last post I wrote about just “being” yourself, but I know it wasn’t enough because what is our “self”?

I see our “self” as a combination of our belief systems and our stories that we tell ourselves. These beliefs and stories make up our personality. So, we can say our personality makes up our personal reality.

This kind of gives us a shortcut. We do need self-awareness to take inventory and de-clutter our beliefs and life stories, but if we also try to embody the personality of our desired future’s self then maybe we accelerate the process.