Not sure who said that we are “beings” not “doings”, but I like it and just thought of it. You would think it gets easier as you get older, but it doesn’t.

I’m talking about “being” your best self as opposed to “doing” your best self. I’m not talking about laying around and chilling all day, but I am talking about letting go of ideas of what we should be doing or what we are supposed to be doing. Being who you are versus being who you think or others think you are supposed to be.

It doesn’t seem right, like am I throwing away my goals? Like there should be some kind of balance or formula of action and I think there is.

I think we need 2 things, like 2 points on a map. Point A is your purpose/passion. Point B is your goals/desires.

We spend most of our time strategizing and stressing how to get from Point A to Point B. “How?” becomes an obsession and probably the seed of comparing yourself to others creating jealousy, judgments, criticisms, etc.

The new idea is to fire up our purpose and passion (Point A) to such a great level that our goals and desires (Point B) are automatically magnetized and comes to us in it’s own way, probably completely differently than we could have imagined.

So, feeding that purpose and passion is really the only “action” that we need to worry about and maybe the most important thing we ever do.

Belief is half of it, the other half is letting go of the “how”. At that time, we are now just “being”.