Energy Forecast for the week of 5/28/2019 – 6/4/2019

Lots of ups and downs the past couple of weeks for people. Some days were frantic and some days were draining where it was tough to motivate.

This week will be a relief as we are getting some well deserved calmness. We are entering a new month which will have it’s own signature, but we get some smooth sailing until then.

If you were able to integrate all the energies of the last couple weeks then this week will provide a very chill work life and personal life. I think this is because June will have some big changes and new chapters beginning as May had some chapters ending.

Just a note. Time isn’t really linear so everyone will experience what they are supposed to experience at the time they are experiencing it. We are all unique and have our unique paths. That being said, these energies come in to help facilitate change for those who need it and are ready for it. Sounds like a disclaimer, I know. Like this energy report could mean something months ago or in months to come for different people. But honoring your own path and honoring the paths of others will encourage the expansion of self and of all. This is exciting to me.

2 responses to “Energy Forecast”

  1. fern

    Thanks for the report man. I’ve been really digging these lately. For some reason it feels right having these on a Tuesday.

  2. rzz

    Thanks Fern! Glad you like!