Some more thoughts about shifting timelines. I wrote about it before, the idea of bringing the vibration of a desirable future into this now moment to create a new reality. I wrote about deleting old energies, patterns, and beliefs to make room for the new stuff but was thinking today about what else needs to happen.

While we can clear some major stuff, we may not be aware of all the aspects of ourselves attached to this particular timeline which means we will be attached to this timeline’s particular future until we do so.

We have anchors holding us back. We can ditch some of the weight off the side of the boat, but the anchors we have to reel in and we aren’t going any where until we do so.

They call this “fragmentation”.

An obvious example is the genius piano prodigy who is meant to take over the family restaurant. He can assert himself and go into music, or he can work on his spaghetti game and take the business to another level because he loves his family and their food. Either way, his spirit is fragmented.

One is holding back the other is our default conclusion. It’s causing lots of stress and we have to make a tough decision. How about put a piano in the restaurant? Can both co-exist? The new idea is to reel in the anchors, make peace with them, and move forward.

Addressing all these fragments of ourselves will bring us back to “wholeness”. We each have 100s of these anchors. We don’t have to cut them all, some can cruise with. From here we are no longer attached to that old timeline, nor the future of that timeline. We are creating a new one or shifting to the correct one.

This ties in with my last post because if we have wholeness, then unity and oneness will come next naturally.