Energy Report for Tues 5/21 – Tues 5/27

Last week might’ve been more crazier for some of you than others. Hopefully it brought about some awareness.

This week take it easy if needed. You might be feeling drained. If you do, it means you received a lot. Relax and recuperate, drink lots of water and enjoy the new upgrades.

When light comes in, basically 3 things are happening. It is deleting old stuff, updating existing stuff, and installing new stuff. Use this week to reboot and take inventory.

Be careful about taking on too much this week. Take it easy and reset. Listen to your heart when making decisions or just put it off till next week if possible.

For some of you who can handle it, more light is coming in. This is a nutty time in history as the upgrades are accelerated like never before. So much so that there may be physical symptoms like pain and inflammation.

I am not a doctor, but if you are feeling tired, stressed, inflammed, and extra sensitive for seemingly no reason hit me up and let’s discuss. Our bodies are changing rapidly. It’s a trippy time for sure.